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Developmental processes in a non-WEIRDO population Q & A

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Introduction - Understanding Developmental Processes Outside the WEIRD Paradigm Q & A

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Aim of the Research

The research is made to develop an understanding about the evaluation process in a non-WEIRDO population.

Research question

Primary question

What is non WEIRDO population?

Secondary question

What is the developmental process in the non-WEIRDO population?


The methods used to determine the research question is secondary method which is based upon the qualitative research. The research is done through various secondary data provided in journals and articles. The information collected through secondary data is based upon the culture and psychology. The developmental process in the non-WEIRDO population is discussed with the detail analyses of the qualitative research. According to Miller, (1990) the meaning and evolution of the non-WEIRDO population is studied through thematic data analyses which give valid information.

Data Analyses

The basic meaning of non-Weird population is the group of people who are not the western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic in culture. The difference in culture through dividing the WEIRD and non WEIRD population is developed for increasing the values in the society. The non-WEIRD population are traits to understand the behaviour of the people through their attitude, habits and personality.

The developmental process in the non-WEIRDO population follows the understanding of humanity by taking the steps to quantify the cultural distance. The process involves the solutions to the problems created through the characteristics of human cultural fundamentals. The developmental process gives benefit to the society by studying and changing the inherent personality through strategically advancing the fundamental attribution.

Findings of the study

The behavioural science practice the study on the psychology of humans in which the non WEIRD population is categorised through peoples behaviours. The cultural difference is created to systematically categorise the people from the psychology for the evolution of culture in the countries.

Interpretation of study

The main of the research is to develop the ethical consideration through gathering the secondary data from the point of culture and psychology.


The research develops an idea of the differentiation in population from the cultural distance to develop the less WEIRD category for quantifying the cultural distance.


  • Secondary data:
  • Miller, J. G., Bersoff, D. M., & Harwood, R. L. (1990). Perceptions of social responsibilities in India and in the United States: Moral imperatives or personal decisions? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58(1), 33–47 (Online) <> accessed on 04.10.2022
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