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Case Study- Report and Presentation Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Case Study- Report and Presentation 

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The present report will centrally focus chiefly on the various aspects relating to the people in the organisation of the Phoenix group. The report is divided into two parts. The first phase will throw a light upon the leadership role, structure and culture of the organisation. Following the discussion, the report will firstly draw out the ways of motivating the employees of the Phoenix group. And the next section will be continuing with the assessment of leadership roles for the transition of the organisation. The evaluation of the relationship between organisational structure and culture will be brought upon in the third section of the report. 

The second section of the report mainly will be focusing on the motivation and effective team within the Phoenix group. In this case, the report will evaluate ways and methods of creating an effective team with the help of motivation. 

Question 1

Analysis of the role of culture for the success of Phoenix Group

Culture has a very important role to play in gaining organisational success. As an organisational culture influence almost all the aspect of an organisation from employee benefit to the input of an employee. Organisational culture is a set of factors, like, the value, belief, philosophy that create the environment within an organisation for the employees to work inside (Das and Sinha, 2021). Good organisational culture helps to attract the right talent from the marketplace, boost the potential of existing employees and as a result a company achieve the organisational aim and objective faster and easily. Structure and organisational culture are directly interrelated (Pathiranage, 2019). The structure is responsible for getting people to work for the common goal and culture help to make the process towards achieving the goal. 

The UK’s largest long term savings and retirement business, the Phoenix group, structure and culture focus crucially on the continuous transition of culture and organisational structure (Lynch and Morgan, n.d.). The company strongly focus on employee benefit as the company has understood the importance of employee performance in relation to gaining organisational success. Currently, the company has 4300 employees in the United Kingdom and the company has taken multiple initiatives to ensure and emphasise the wellbeing of the employees. The main purpose of the company is to secure the life of possibilities for both the employees and for the consumers of the company. In this regard, the company has initiated to create a rich and diverse cultural environment to ensure a transitional change within the organisation that will be significant in terms of the success of Phoenix. 

In this highly competitive marketplace, it has become very crucial for businesses to maintain a sustainable position. In this regard, employees have been regarded as a noteworthy factor. As the employees are the main craftsman of the success of an organisation (Yeum, Wee and Bang, 2020). Considering this, the Phoenix group have made an aim to link employee engagement with employee retention strategies to gain a high level of achievement. The initiative relating to employee well being had focused on the mental health of the employees as well as their physical health has also become a priority for the company. Flexible benefits have also been added by the company to enhance employee wellbeing. The benefits include gym membership, various on-site events and multiple amenities including free healthy lunches, tennis courts have been provided. Alongside, EAP or employee assistance programme and on-site counsellor is also crucial to mention in terms of cultural enhancement within the organisation. 

Assessment of Leadership Roles in Term of Organisational Transition within the Phoenix Group

In terms of transitional change within an organisation, the leadership role is remarkably important. Leaders are the most crucial part of any organisation as they are responsible for most of the crucial decisions of an organisation, which are the future determinant of an organisation (Samo, 2018). For any organisation, leaders are the vital player for acquiring excellence in an organisation. In this world of continuous change and filled with high competition, leaders are the people who are guiding the sailors in the right direction to establish their flag higher among the rest of the rivals. 

Due to the continuous change and advancement in technology, the world is getting the opportunity to evolve more. Businesses are rapidly grabbing opportunities to make fortune and stand out among the rest. It has become essential for businesses to pace with constant change and make transformational changes within the organisation. The types of changes make a dramatic and fundamental alteration in the organisational system (Amado and Amato, 2018). The core value of the Phoenix Group is to provide a ground to the employees full of opportunities to be more productive and make the employees more engaged.

The UK's largest long term savings and retirement business have identified the core fortune making aspect and developing an adequate and efficient strategy to increase the potentiality of the employees to win the market. Employees are the core part of a business that determine and weave the future of the company. In this consideration, the Phoenix group has majorly focused on the well-being of the member of staff within the organisation by providing various growth opportunities to them, offering benefits to bring the best possibilities among them which is helping the company, on the one hand, to achieve success, in the other hand, it is enabling the company to retain the best workers within the organisation. Along with this, the company has taken initiatives to mitigate gender pay gap in order to acquire targets for the womens working in Finance charter. 

The organisation has focused on applying value-based leadership to acquire a competitive advantage. This approach instils a number of values among the employees through the improvement of cohesiveness and willingness to work. The traits of this leadership approach are sufficient enough to increase the possible rate of success of a company (Carfagno, 2019). The value-based leadership approach enabling the firm, the Phoenix Group, to improve communication among the employees through aligning the value of the organisation. Along with this, this approach is helping the Phoenix group to make the relationship with the employees stronger, helping to set the right direction, to create a proactive culture setting an appropriate value for the sake of the company. 

As per the values and aims of the firm, the leadership approach is enabling the employees to get the best platform within the organisation. In this term, the leadership approach is facilitating the leaders to make the right strategic decision for the wellbeing of the employees as well as for the consumers and for the firm (Armstrong and Taylor, 2020). The diversity and inclusion agenda has been initiated for the purpose of the wellbeing of the employees in order to build a network of support that has been amalgamated with the standard of life aligning with the business strategy. In addition to this, a newly launched version of Mind Matters Network is an access for the employees to assess the work-based stress. Further, all the employees of the Phoenix group were encouraged to complete mental health first aid training where 50 employees went through this training in the year 2018. Another factor, which the leaders considered was workplace diversity. Various researches have proven that workplace diversity is the most influencing factor for retaining customers. As the diversity allows the Phoenix group to freely include individuals from different backgrounds, a different characteristic that help all the employees to feel more valued and accepted. 

Evaluation of the Relationship between Organisational Structure and Organisational Culture 

The organisational structure is accountable for allocating roles and responsibilities and determining the way of monitoring the employees and maintaining the right flow of communication between different sectors within the company (Lamprell et al., 2017). On the other hand, organisational culture is the set of values and norms that control the way of interaction between the members of a firm. Therefore, the organisational structure is the framework and culture are implemented to suitably follow the structural system. Both the organisational culture and structure possess a dependent relationship with each other. 

The phoenix group structure is followed by the hierarchical organisational structure. Where the CEO takes the main commanding position and following the top, the entry and low-level employees are structured systematically. The structure helps the organisation to have a defined structure of communication. Again, in the hierarchical organisational structure, it is easy to identify the managers and easy to allocate resources. Again this structure is helpful in terms of dividing responsibilities in a logical way and it also reduces the issues relating to indecisiveness. Business performance and employee input are both directly interrelated with the organisational structure and culture. Therefore the organisational culture and structure are both interrelated and closely associated to determine the success of an organisation. 

Question 2

The impact of motivation and team performance on the Phoenix Group

In an organisational context, employee motivation and effective team performance are essential for the workplace of an organization. As a consequence, the Phoenix group has used the different ways that have given them a great platform in their business (Comella-Dorda et al., 2000). The growth of this company is evident in several aspects that have improved their performance to a large extent. The management of the company always follows motivational aspects that enable the workers to maintain their workforce effectively. They believe that employee well-being is an important aspect that enables them to enhance the positive psychological impression among employees (Mullins, 2013).

Regarding this matter, there are some appropriate attributes of motivational and employee engagement of the workers. The Phoenix Group uses different tactful ways in their organisational process. It is evident from the human resource manager of the company that they have maintained a healthy culture for their employees.

Analyze and evaluate the ways in which The Phoenix Group may build effective teams through motivation

In the organizational process of the company, the leaders use different motivational strategies which accelerate the whole business effectively. The Phoenix Group has served various life assurance certified policies to their workers. In regards to employee motivation, this group has provided free gym membership, income protection, health assessment, and so on. They are always trying with great effort to fulfil their employees’ needs. As per the critical analysis of the company’s performance, it has been seen that employees are sufficiently satisfied with the behaviour and supporting policies of their company. Now the fact is, the overall process of the company is being analyzed through the motivational theory of "Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs" and it may help them to understand their current position and customize for the future (Shi and Lin, 2021). 

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a model that implies a pyramid to reflect the fundamental human demands that have to be fulfilled before someone leaves their performance (Katzenbach and Inayat-Khan, 2010). This particular framework has different aspects that are elaborated on below as per the analysis of the operational processes of a company in the context of employee motivation.
  • Physiological requirements:-The aspect of physiological needs focuses on the necessity of human survival, including proper shelter, clothing, food, and other necessary components for survival. The Phoenix Group provides the proper time for the employees to fulfil their personal needs (Okafor and Abraham, 2021). Flexible options are available in the working process, such as part-time working, home working, and job sharing. In support of employee flexibility, they sponsor free gym membership, on-site events and facilities.
  • Safety Needs :-Once the physiological needs are satisfied to the quota of satisfaction, human beings seek safety (Xie, 2021). In that case, the Phoenix Group always provides the proper safety for the employees. For the safety of the employees, the company sponsors critical health insurance policies, income protection policies, personal accident insurance, and life assurance policies. In the workplace, they are also introducing a mental stress tracking assessment to track the mental stress level of the employees for their own safety.
  • Love and belongingness are needed.:-This particular aspect involves the interrelationship of the employees with their co-workers and management (Oved, 2017). The Phoenix group is splendidly maintaining a lovable relationship with their internal stakeholders. As per the statement of the chairman, this place is a mixture of cultural diversity and inclusion, which means there are no gaps in the relations between them. The company favours cultural diversification in their workplace. They spread their trust and caring attitudes to all their employees, who come from different cultures and regions. Therefore, the employees are fully satisfied with the management association in their workplace.
  • Esteem needs :-Esteem needs in this framework engage accomplishment, self-needs, and respect in the workplace. It is classified into section-one is on "Esteem for self" and another is "the desire to take appropriate respect from others" (Okafor and Abraham, 2021). The Phoenix Group gives employees the chance to develop all aspects of self-esteem. They have different rewards and support based on the employee’s performance. The employees are feeling free in their workplace where they can reflect their own perspectives easily.

In that case, the independence of BAME people, especially LGBTQ+ people, is the best example. The Phoenix group deliberately recruits these people from such communities and gives them the proper respect they deserve. Therefore, from this aspect, everyone in this organisation is able to get the proper respect from others. 

  • Self-actualization needs:-It contains the growth level of individuals, their potential, and their self-fulfilment (Oved, 2017). In the organisational process of the company, the employees understand their growth and assess their capabilities with the association of the management.
  • LaFasto and Larson’s Model :-This particular model is segmented into five different aspects that aim to assess the effectiveness of team management in an organisation (Casper, 2017). Now, this particular theory is helpful for them if the management wants to know their performance. The five individual aspects are going to be analyzed in the employee development process.
  • Team members :-In teamwork, efficient team members are very important. The innovative ideas of the members help a team to improvise their performance as a group (Casper, 2017). As a consequence, the company is always gathering all types of perspectives from individuals in its decision-making process. They are also concerned about the future progress of the company.
  • Team relationships :-A good bond with the other members of a team is very important. The unification among team members is helping the team to achieve its goals (Svilar, Castellano and Juki, 2018). In that case, it has been seen that the company is well maintained and the unification among its employees helps them to meet their objectives, and in the future, they may follow the same path.
  • Team problem solving :-It is the most essential aspect in a group that accomplishes the objectives of the management (Proctor, 2020). In that case, the requirement for the proper notion of problem-solving qualities among their employees assists the company in establishing a standard result.
  • Team Leadership :-Proper leadership in a team is an important aspect that encourages the overall group to enhance their performance. As a consequence, the Phoenix Group is maintaining proper leadership styles that enable them to unify their employees to grasp their target.
  • Organizational Team Environment:-In the teamwork process Team commitment and accountability are increased through collaborative practices and organizational culture (Casper, 2017). Regarding this matter, Phoenix is following the independent environments for the team members.

Identify team development attributes that may contribute to The Phoenix Group’s success 

In the operational process of the Phoenix Company, the management has already got various successful platforms. In their success stories, there are some effective team development attributes that enhance the team’s ability to develop their objectives as per the aim of the management.

Special Direction:-Sometimes, organisations are in such a hurry to move on their projects that they pull together groups of people without first deciding on the goals and desired outcomes (Driskell, Salas and Driskell, 2018). In that case, Phoenix Group has a unified vision for their operational policies. As an insurance company; it has played a great role in the vision that is why they are successful in their mission.

Communication that is open and honest :-Open and honest communication leads to the mutual understanding of differing perspectives, interests, and requirements more rapidly. As just said, being open and honest creates a sense of dignity (Bell et al., 2018). This is about morality, truthfulness for the squad and the staff. Phoenix Group is committed to maintaining a positive working relationship with its employees. In that case; they try to build a frank way of communicating with their employees.

Encourage differences in opinions :-In a workplace, there are several people from different cultures and religions (Bell et al., 2018). Regarding this matter, the opinions are generally different as per the view of individual aspects. Phoenix Group is always respecting the opinions of their employees, which has brought them great unification in their teamwork and management process. 

Collaborations :-Collaborative work has assisted a company in improving its performance and meeting the organization’s objectives (Gee et al., 2017). As per the analysis of the company’s performance, it has been seen that the company is implying collaborative work in their workplace. Therefore, for their future growth, they have to follow the same formula. That will be helpful.


In an organizational process, a proper structural operational process enhances the capabilities of the firm. Regarding this matter, this particular report has analyzed the operational process of Phoenix Group and its attributes as a team management process and its leadership styles. From this analysis, it has been seen that the Phoenix Group follows a value-based leadership style. In the organizational process, the company is maintaining proper motivational aspects as parallel as Maslow’s Hierarchy theory. Alongside, the employee development attributes are also implied in this report where it has been seen that the Phoenix Group has splendidly accelerated the development process.

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