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Policy Analysis Plan Assignment Sample

Policy Analysis Plan

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Policy Analysis Plan

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History has shown that people who are disable have not been given too much of notice in the society hence they have been regarded as objects of ridicule. Disability policies in Australia were not introduced till the late 1970 but in the year 1908 the Australian Government had introduced Invalid Pension scheme. It was due to such a scheme that there was, to probably some extent, that recognition to disability people was given being that they were a member of the society (Ellis &Rousmaniere, 2020). It should be understood here that it was during the both World Wars that the number of people whom had come home disabled had increased drastically. It was during this time period that Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS) had been presented so that people returning from the war could provide some services with people especially with disabilities (Munro et al., 2017).

The 1970s were a big growth for the disabilities policies as it seemed that there was a huge jump in the development in this area. The international professionals around the world had begun to look into such an area further on and the development of disability policies (Milner et al., 2020). There was an organisation that was present being Rehabilitation International, which that had presented a policy which had allowed only white people with disability that could attend international conferences (Meijer, 2017). But within these conferences such people were not allowed to speak and only observation was being done by them.

The development of Handicapped Person’s Welfare was established during the 1970s. This was a huge step forward as it had showed that the attitude of the government as well as the people was starting to changed hence further focus was needed to be put on this (Rose, 2017). Later on there were various bodies that were even developed such as the Disability Services Act of 1986. It can be seen that the core starting of disability policies in Australia had begun from the 1970s (Collie et al., 2020).

Issue analysis

One of the major issues that is present in DSP (Disability Support Pention) is that it has lacked a proper funding amount to be present. The various costs that are involved in this scheme do not seem to be fulfilling the needs that are required by the disabled people (Fitts and Soldatic, 2018). The issue is that there are more people that have applied for the insurance scheme than what was expected. There is not a clear on how the capital will be managed as it through this that people can achieve their rightful money (Yates et al., 2021). There have also been a large number of fraud services that have also occurred due to which misstatement of the costs have occurred.

Another issue that is present is that there has also been an inability of disable people to access the services that are being offered. This is a huge issue because there are individuals who are not able to avail the services that are needed by them in order to achieve a better lifestyle (Henman and Foster, 2015). There are even parents present in Australia that do have funding present for them but the services that are needed in order to eradicate the diseases have not been fully present (DSP,2018). This is a major issue as children who need proper services along with the budget are not receiving them which will cause harm to their future.

There was also the issue of the whole scheme being confusing hence not being understood easily by the individuals. If people could not understand what the scheme was and why it was being implemented then they would not know on how to avail the benefits that were being provided to them (Mcallister, 2020). Not being able to navigate their way through the scheme had hindered ones way of not only getting funds that are present but also getting effective services that may help through such a phase (DSP,2018). There had been many changes that had been done in the DSP and other similar schemes and it had become hard for disable people to keep up with them. One of the key changes was that services which were offered were cut off and provided at a different location and keeping up with such areas was and is not an easy task.

Evaluation and Review

According to author Wallace, (2020) the choice and control feature that is offered within the disabled schemes present in Australia helps in creating a better plan. It is through this that a disabled individual can create a plan on how they can access the services and also take control over the fund that is being given to them. This has been agreed upon by authors Williams & Patterson, (2018) as it not only provides improved life choices that will be made but also there will also be a better relationship that can be established. There is also a better control of the funding that is being given as there will be a budget created through which one can provide a clear understanding of how much money can be acquitted to each of the activities that will be looked at (Soldatic, 2018).

It can also be said that there has been a huge neglect from the side of DSP. It seems that the level of management that is being provided by them has not been adequate enough hence leading to a loss in customers and lives. The government is offering a cost cutting system through which there can been irregularities that have occurred and proper space does not seen to be offered (Schultz, 2021).

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