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Communication skills Assignment Sample 8062

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Table of Contents


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What did I learn?

What went well?

What could I have done better?

What did I gain from the experience

SMART Goals for Future Development

Communication skills

I improved my written communication significantly as I formulated reports and used precise vocabulary for making the report easy to comprehend

I could have worked on my time consumption to form reports. I consume a lot of time in formulating reports that sometimes make communication ineffective

I learnt how to formulate reports to make it easy to assess and comprehend by the concerned stakeholders or receivers.

S- making reports time bound.

M- Using alarms or stopwatch to measure time

A- reducing the time by 1 minute each time.

R- measuring the quality

T- making this change effective in 1 month.

Evaluating skills

Evaluation is vital for assessing the quality of the task performed and I significantly improved my evaluating and controlling skills

I must aim at setting precise goals to evaluate the task quality.

I learnt why evaluating performance is inevitable in IT system and how it can be made more qualitative and standardized.

S- assessing past evaluation techniques and styles used

M- Measuring the deviation of evaluating tasks

A- Learning about new tools t be used for evaluation purpose

R- Using data from past tasks to analyze evaluating techniques

Teamwork skills

I enhanced my confidence and participation in teamwork

I should try to align my efforts with the team’s efforts.

I learnt how team efforts lead to enhancing quality of the goal attainment.

S- Listen and understand the process and tasks.

M- Measuring my performance in the task’s progress

A- writing down the performance milestones

R- Improve according to the changes in the process and task requirement

T- Two to three months

Reflective Summary

Communication skills are vital to increase engagement in the job and with colleagues. Formal and informal communication helps to deliver correct information timely and receive feedback to make the management flow smooth while maintaining positive environment. Through this course, I learnt to make communication precise and formulate messages for easy comprehension and keeping it short to save time (Johnston, 2017). Communication skills increase employability prospects and enhance one’s confidence to develop and grow through effective communication.

Evaluating and controlling skills are vital to measure one’s performance and how the efforts add up to the progress of the task completion and quality maintenance. Evaluating includes both qualitative as well as quantitative measures which helps n holistic evaluation of the task and the project (Rahimi and Weisi, 2018). Evaluation skills will help me to control key variables effectively and deliver standardized performance that will enhance my prospects considerably. I will try to make evaluating and setting standards for controlling more effective and reliable (Johnston, 2017).

Teamwork skills are very crucial in timely completion of task and achieving goals with quality performance. Teamwork is essential to optimize efforts of individuals and attain synergistic effect. It develops professional and inter-personal skills of an individual. I learnt to make myself more productive and enhanced my focus and determination through teamwork. I need to work to make my efforts to align with the team’s goal and work for the delivery of quality performance. SMART acronym helped me to make my personal development goal more effective and achievable to enhance my professional prospects and teamwork skills will make me more flexible and open to conversation and ideas of others(Rahimi and Weisi, 2018).


Johnston, C., 2017. Reflective practice. Teaching Business & Economics21(1), pp.19-21.

Rahimi, M. and Weisi, H., 2018. Reflective practice, self-efficacy and research practice of EFL teachers: Examining possible relationships. Issues in Educational Research28(3), pp.756-780.

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